Elle Casts

Welcome to my podcast site. Here is an archive of all my podcasts.  The podcasts will be posted every month featuring my insights and interviews regarding activism (from environmental to social and everything in between). I will be chronicling my obstacles and hopefully triumphs in carving out a dedicated place in my life for social justice activism.  I feel tired of “waiting” on the world to change and from the number of people who protested in the last month–I know I am not alone. I feel ready to DO. Yet, like a lot of people, I have protested. I have written letters to my congress people, but it feels too passive.  I want to take a good look at some of the laws on the books that perpetuate inequality in our country.  So many of us protest and make noise about an issue and then return to our lives (because real life always encroaches) and think that we’re DOING something.  Meanwhile the movement loses steam.  There is the part that comes after protesting: The change.  Where is the change?

I want to be front and center on helping to bring about a better world. I am armed with an excellent education, an open heart, and a belly fully of fire.  If you are like me and are also looking for the best way to use that “fire” for good. Tune in and listen. If you have any helpful or constructive ideas to share, please let me know.  I plan to have guests from time to time. So tune in for those as well.

If you are going to involve yourself, you are already probably aware of how emotional these issues can get because they are intensely personal for some.  I think many minority people wish they could just ignore racism or sexism or homophobia because they bring up feelings of sadness, frustration, and anger.  I will also be discussing how to navigate these feelings as both a participant and a guide.

Season Two

Episode 2.1: Welcome Back

Season One

Episode One: Intro and Welcome

Episode Two

Episode 3: Special Guest Phillip Montgomery Pt I

Episode 4: This Side of Town

Episode 5: Special Guest Phillip Montgomery Pt II

Episode 6: PBS Shows Commentary/Shut it Down

Episode 7:Special Guest Anne S. Pt I /CrimiNation

Episode 8: Self Care with Anne Pt II

Episode 9: Baltimore and Prince

Episode 10: Stigma in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Episode 11: Searching for Freedom in a “Free” Country

Episode 12: Unnecessary Mental Gymnastics in Charleston

Elle Cast 13: Obamas Come To Jesus Moment With America

Elle Cast 14: Priviledge Thinking Outside The Box And Mississippi

Elle Cast 15: Special Guest Larry Coble With Chicago350 Part I

Elle Cast 16: Special Guest Larry Coble With Chicago350 Part II

Elle Cast 17: Hiatus-Gone til Mid October

Elle Cast 18: Now Hiatus Free and New and Improved

Elle Cast 20: To Paris with Love and a Nod to the Cranberries

Elle Cast Season One Finale: Elle Gets Schooled, Rochelle brings people together, and Ali says No.


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