I Am Not My Skin

Love this “If I have never truly been aware of or acknowledged my feelings on color, how can I say I am not biased? How can I say I have never treated people a certain way based on their skin tone? Have I never considered any of these things because I considered my self light skinned..the “good shade”? More importantly, where and how did these ideas form?

As an African American, I can rant and rave about being discriminated against for days. However, if I turn around and discriminate against others, I am no different than those I am rallying against. I would love to live in a country where we can all get along and be treated as equals…however I know that change has to start within myself.

So in closing dear readers…Sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around someone else’s. I challenge you to do some soul searching and find something within yourself to work on!” It isn’t about “others” fixing themselves, but us doing our own soul searching.

Black America from a Black American

I just finished watching “Dark Girls” on Netflix, an amazing documentary on the subject of skin tone. I have always referred to myself as toasted caramel and never have considered myself “dark”. It was really interesting to see women who are my complexion talking about the perils of being dark skinned, which got me to thinking. Am I dark skinned? I was shocked at the turmoil this question was causing me.

I have never been called any derogatory terms due to my skin tone. My mother is high yellow, I was a high yellow baby, and I guess I considered myself to be light skinned.

I will admit I am the person who avoids the sun in summer because I don’t want to get any darker. I spent the entire summer before my wedding in the house because I didn’t want to be dark when I got married…

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