Hope Cope Activities for Stress Relief, Relaxation, and Restoration

I will be adding to this page a list of stress release and relievers that get me through my day and to keep me moving and inspired, instead of buried and depressed. I used to put these activities off. Stress relief activities were next to healthier eating, and exercise on the dusty shelf of my life marked “When I get to it.”   Life has a way of making a decision for you. I started to feel better, when I ate foods that were better for me—except cake. Cake is still good and there ain’t a universe where I’m giving that up, I just eat much smaller pieces now.

Like any habit, I am trying to practice at least 1 a day, with the hope of eventually doing 3 of these de-stress techniques every day.

I was intrigued when Deepak Chopra says that he doesn’t feel stress anymore. I was watching him at an incredibly stressful time in my own life. I was going to school half time and working full time, while maintaining a relationship with my now husband. He meditates for two hours at 5am and then writes for two hours and then BEGINS his day, he later meditates again at night. It’s incredible. I am just beginning to make my own intermittent rituals more habitual so I can handle my stress better and its working.

Below are the de-stressors by episode. Please let me know if you have some great ones to share and I will add them to the list!

Stress Less: Episode Two

Stress Less: Episode Four

Stress Less: Episode Eight: Self Care with Anne

Stress Less: Episode 10: Beauty and Fear

Stress Less Tips: Episode 20: Paris and Everyday Mindfulness to reduce sadness, frustration, and anger

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