Billings police review of shooting clears officer

Of course they do. But he shot a white guy, just in case you think this is a “minority” problem. It’s not. It’s a police training  and self care maintenance problem.  Honestly he seems terrified as a police officer.  You need to achieve calm if you’re entrusted with a weapon. His department should be doing more to support officers.  Don’t get me wrong he’s responsible, he shot to essentially harmless people in the same day within hours of each other. He didn’t know that at the time, but that’s not great work from a job that says you shoot to disarm, not kill, which is all the police seems to do lately if you read the news.
There are no winners here. I am sad for the family.
But think about if he was performing armed and scared in your neighborhood.  What if there were 10 more just like him?  That’s what it’s like for black people in this country.

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