On Privilege, the Multi-Colored Spoon.

Priviledge is not about race, chances are you have some even if you don’t realize it. Changingthelense says

“When I first learned about privilege in the context of being able-bodied, my mind was blown. Up to that point I had thought of improving society for people with disabilities in the context of “making things easier” for them. Now, I understand that improvement lies in a structural reform of societal standards to fully support the different ways people live their lives. I never would have come to that understanding, had I not been able to first understand my own privilege.”

Changing the Lens

*Extremely important disclaimer: As I mention in this post, with regards to being able-bodied, I experience privilege. As I got ready to post this I felt slightly uneasy because I realize in a certain sense, I am speaking to an experience and perspective which I will never be able to full understand. For all I know, what I discuss with regards to physical ability could be a triviality. Furthermore, my words are certainly not representative of this population in any way. They are simply my perspective as someone who is continuing to recognize what this particular privilege means.

What if it took me two minutes to get up a set of stairs instead of 30 seconds?
What if I had to arrive everywhere 10 minutes earlier so as to not “cause a scene” when I enter a room?
What if I had to wait 5 minutes to pee in an…

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