Elle Cast 6: PBS Shows – Independent Lens: American Denial and Colorblind: Rethinking Race

New Elle Cast for this week!

Greetings! In episode six of Alert.Aware.Mindful. I will be talking about two amazing PBS shows I viewed recently. One is a part of the Independent Lens series, called American Denial and the other is the documentary Colorblind:Rethinking Race.
American Denial is about how unconscious bias perpetuates racism and it is based in unconscious associations and behaviors. The link is here for an accompanying 18 page discussion handout, with great data and clear research. It’s all free. There is great information on how bias operates, how it is created and how we can get rid of it, including:

Implicit biases are malleable; therefore, the implicit associations that we have formed can be gradually unlearned and replaced with new mental associations (Blair, 2002; Dasgupta and Greenwald, 2001). For example, some research suggests that being exposed to people who counter commonly held stereotypes (e.g., female construction workers, elderly athletes, male elementary school teachers) can help individuals “reprogram” existing associations (Dasgupta and Greenwald, 2001; Kang and Banaji, 2006).”

Colorblind:Rethinking Race is a documentary about systemic racism in America and how since blacks were brought to the country, even after being freed, they were excluded from opportunities for wealth or even development, time and time again.
Both are Mind Blowing so check them out and Thanks for listening 🙂


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