#Keepitdown and #She-ro

Because she couldn’t stand it One More Minute.

Because how many MORE centuries are we supposed to wait for a “committee” to decide that we are entitled to the same civil and human rights afforded by the constitution this nation claims to uphold. She was *tired* of waiting for the world to change. Tired of having to wait for 2/3 of the house to approve the flag’s takedown probably burned hotter than the fire itself. It says that even with a MULTITUDE of deaths you *stil*l won’t  acknowledge this flag means more than southern history, tradition, and pride.  It also means that part of that pride is intertwined with the enslavement, oppression, and murder of a people. Some want to remember the good old days, because they were good for them–not so for the black people living it and upholding this symbol ignores the ties between those two ideas. The same way black people themselves were ignored by white society during those centuries, people are turning a blind eye to the fact that it was cited by a self reported racist as a symbol of his cause.  There are definitely parallels. You cannot ignore that, becuase you find it difficult to acknowledge that you might be part of a continuing problem. That what this site is about, not judging yourself harshly or hiding from a fear that, maybe the way you approach certain “types” of people are wrong– but LEARNING that about yourself and figuring out “hey what’s that about? Did this come from me? Did I pick this idea of what/who is acceptable from pop culture, family, social groups, etc.?” Don’t believe things blindly especially when you see evidence to the contrary. If you go out of your way to avoid potential evidence to the contrary–then you should explore that.

I don’t want this to be the place for self-flagellation, but self exploration, compassion, and love because I truly believe that if we all loved ourselves deeply and truly, it is easier to love and except others instead of rejecting them in fear. When we love others then we are more likely to connect to them and if we are all connected it’s a lot harder to be “Ok” watching them struggle unnecessarily and we help each other. I believe that is our purpose on this earth.

Watch below for clip of her taking it down this woman is my She-ro. Get that flag.


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