Stress Less – 2.3 11.18.18

15 Minute Loving-Kindness for a Loved One Meditation guided by Noriko Harth

15 Minute Giving and Receiving Compassion guided by Noriko Harth

Try these 2 meditations to help cultivate compassion. Do this once a day for 30 days to make it a habit. Let me know how it went. Please check out the Hope and Cope page for more ideas about how to process your emotions, stress, and experiences as we make it through life one day at a time.

A great stress reliever for me is creating artistic things. I love color so as long as I get to swirl some on the page I feel good.  When I’m done if I like it, I keep it. Ultimately, I believe art is what happens inside of us, while we are creating, anyway—what comes out onto the page is just another way of speaking. I bought a clear phone case ages ago so that I could add a cool personalized phone cover.

Here it is:




It was fun to make and since my phone is waterproof and could end up getting wet at some point, I used nail polish and clear packing tape to make it water resistant.  Go on and get as creative as you want. On Episode 2.2 Triltsiboy, talks about how he spins his crochet art into rich, unique, personal expression. He illustrates how he uses it as fuel for his music and to connect with others.

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