“…A lot of adults in institutions have some pretty cynical prejudices about teenagers. Both the criminal justice system and the schools, unfortunately there are many parallels. [People] process and look at the incident as the focus, it [Restorative Justice] allows for that person to be seen as more than just that incident… That’s communicated with circles and mediation, it gives a young person a chance to say I’m not just the person who did that [broke a rule], I’m also this [the family breadwinner], this [caretaker to my grandparent who raises me], and this [a student with a 4.0 who wants to be an architect-for example] and it gives other people the chance to say it about them on their behalf. -Rochelle Arms”

This episode of Alert, Aware, Mindful includes the story where Elle gets schooled and takes a hard look at the deterioration of intimacy through the culture of “busyness.” Featured is Rochelle Arms, who will be detailing her work with the Peace Institute in New York City and with Restorative Justice in communities, schools, and the criminal court systems. Our Call to action segment honors the legendary Muhammad Ali, who passed away last week at 74. It’s a segment of his speech responding to why he wasn’t joining the army when his draft number came up. There was never another like him. He was always one of kind…like he always said he was 🙂

The Episode is SUPERSIZED at 50 mins, but I hope you will give it a listen anyway, there’s a lots of great stuff and ideas.

Thanks for listening
-Elle Madelyn

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