Jovan Landry talks Synergy Pt I

Hello All, Welcome back to my podcast Alert, Aware, Mindful. This week we are speaking with Jovan Landry a rising black, female artist and organizer of Synergy an upcoming ALL FEMALE hip hop album, featuring local Chicago musicians and artists. This is the first of two parts.

Jovan Landry PT 1
We talk about her Chicago connections and her roots. We bond like true Chicagoans over discussing the weather. Listen to her process and plans for 2019 Synergy project as a We Work Grant recipient. Hear how she was inspired to make an all female Hip Hop project. and her experiences managing this project.
It illustrates how she has risen to the challenges and shifting ground that comes with managing so many moving parts. We discuss how to deal when an unexpected opportunity knocks and the pros and cons of female collaboration.


For this week’s Call to Action, I included a brief clip of Nikki Giovanni reading a passage from her work, Gemini. She mostly discusses love in terms of the black man and the black women–and the challenges unique to them, but it also sounds pretty universal and highly relatable if you are neither. She has some insightful things to say about how we relate to our men and how they relate to us.

She also talks about how society grooms all of us to accept the everyday violence of living in America “while black,” particularly for black men.




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