Brittney Cooper Says Time Is Racist: ‘White People Own Time’

When I went to China about 8 years ago I read up on local customs there. There was a note about American businessman and their strict punctuality expectations. It told the Chinese businessman that though time is more flexible in China, it is much more rigid in America. I also remember being on vacation almost 15 years ago in the Carribean and hearing locals talk about “Island time.” This essentially meant *slow or much slower* than fast paced city life. Over the years I heard of CP (colored people -to reference also how long this phrase has been in use) time, Puerto Rican time, Native (American) time, etc.

I have always struggled with punctuality– as the people I love will tell you. I felt like the wrong person to bring it up 😉

I realized that in most other cultures there is more flexibility around time.

Read the article it us short and interesting.

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