No Podcast due to Non Technical issues


Hello All, strangely there is no podcast this week due to the fact that Elle was stranded for most of the day when her car battery died. Just a few clicks, a flash of lights and it was gone. By “it” I mean the power. In my quest for a Spring cleaning of the podcast and site, I find myself reluctant to rush through production to meet the deadline over every other week. A deadline I set for myself. So I  figure since I set it, I can change it.

This is a long winded way of saying that there’s no podcast this week because I am taking a break from the darkness. Instead after the long wait for the tow truck guys, who were both kind of awesome when they got there —instead of rushing through to finish the podcast on time—I went for a massage instead.


Because sometimes you need a break to help manage you stress. I feel a lot better. The masseuse pounded out the tension in my shoulders and afterwards I stopped and got some frozen yogurt. I feel loads better take a page from same book.

So instead enjoy this lovely calming video. And when life is stressing you out find a quiet moment to reclaim your sanity. Trust me you will appreciate it.“>Peaceful Motion


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