A Zen Master’s Advice On Coping With Trump | HuffPost

“The Huffington Post recently interviewed a nun and a monk at Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village monastery in France, to ask what advice they would give to activists who want to take action during Trump’s presidency.

Sister Peace, who previously worked in the office of the mayor of Washington, says action must be inspired by a deep-rooted sense of love.

“If we can be strong in ourselves, then we could offer a resistance that is nonviolent,” she said. “But that means that we ourselves are at a place where we can have that recognition and we can offer that to another. And that is a great, great source of love and having the other feel they’re being recognized and listened to and embraced.”

She says that those who are passionate about taking action should learn from the nonviolent approach of the civil rights movement.

Referring to the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, during which marchers remained passive despite being chased and beaten, she said: “They were taught how to be quiet, how to be still, how not to resist and fight back no matter what happened.” Continue reading A Zen Master’s Advice On Coping With Trump | HuffPost


Exercises in Grounding from The Art of Healing Trauma (Through Healing Exercises, Stories, and Research) Blog

“Briefly, the basic principle is: Holding your breath, shortness of breath, constrained and tense breath, rapid breath = survival, fight/flight/freeze, activation of the nervous system, stress. Natural, full, diaphragmatic breaths = opening up to life beyond survival, opening up to calmness, regulation of the nervous system, bringing about physical relaxation, improving health, being able to think. For PTSD specifically, conscious breathing seems to act as … Continue reading Exercises in Grounding from The Art of Healing Trauma (Through Healing Exercises, Stories, and Research) Blog

Creating harmony: “Seek to understand…” | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

“If we’re to have genuinely mindful dialog with another person, we have to respect that person. If he or she has a certain point of view, then we shouldn’t assume they hold it because they are stupid or unfortunate enough not to have heard what we have to say on the issue. They almost certainly have a complete set of reasons for believing what they … Continue reading Creating harmony: “Seek to understand…” | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Elle Cast 2.1 – Welcome Back

Welcome back to Alert, Aware Mindful. It has been a topsy turvy few months. Listen to hear about some of my revelations while away from the podcast. There are also some changes ahead and a whole new take on the broadcast. We have quite a few interesting interviews on the way this year. Take some time it’s less than 30 minutes, 2 of which are … Continue reading Elle Cast 2.1 – Welcome Back

Elle Cast 20: To Paris With Love

Welcome back to Alert, Aware, Mindful. This episode is dedicated to the families and friends of anyone currently suffering from violence in their communities in general and also to Paris in particular.  This episode contains a plea for action instead of wishes upon a star. How charity begins at home and so does both compassion and violence.  This week’s Called to Action segment features a … Continue reading Elle Cast 20: To Paris With Love


I wasn’t kidding about needing a break from the darkness. I am a social worker and sometimes the sheer capacity of people willingly and purposefully trying to bring harm to each other–it’s immeasurable. I see dark things on a regular basis. Compounding that, is my desire to keep up with the local, national, and international news. I make a conscious effort to only read it for a few days a … Continue reading (((Sigh)))

No Podcast due to Non Technical issues

  Hello All, strangely there is no podcast this week due to the fact that Elle was stranded for most of the day when her car battery died. Just a few clicks, a flash of lights and it was gone. By “it” I mean the power. In my quest for a Spring cleaning of the podcast and site, I find myself reluctant to rush through … Continue reading No Podcast due to Non Technical issues

Stress Less: Episode Ten: Beauty and Fear

Black Power PikSelf Care — Stress Less: Beauty and fear

Ok so I do find it funny that the self care part of my site “fell off” as the kids say, just as my life kicked into high gear this year. So that is my bear to wrestle, to keep staying on my regimen (yoga, meditation, clean eating, etc.). My thoughts have been full of this desire to wear my hair natural. I was nervous because I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where my hair looks good. I can be creative with styling and it’s pretty much no work at all. Everything else is work, even the buzzed blond look I’ve always admired on other women, but have been too scared to try. To be frank, I’d rather sleep the extra 30 minutes, than experience hair drama every morning. So I went natural for about 3 weeks before getting it braided again. I studied youtube videos to figure how to style my hair without heat, because the whole point of going natural is to let my hair be healthy and heat can cause damage. I learned how to condition, what to condition with and for how long. Continue reading “Stress Less: Episode Ten: Beauty and Fear”