Why Baths are a Lifesaver in De-stressing

I love taking baths. They are extremely effective for sore joints and tired muscles. With the aid of Epsom salts, essential oils, and products to soften the skin, it literally removes the achiness from my body.  The salt baths are very cleansing to the body and many times the mind.   For those who are afraid of soaking in their own filth as a friend … Continue reading Why Baths are a Lifesaver in De-stressing

MBSR Guided Audio & Video Exercises – UC San Diego Health

There are many exercise ranging from 6-45 minutes. Also, located on this site is a link to guided Yoga audio and video. There are modifications available for those with medical issues such as Gentle Hatha chair yoga. They are easily downloadable, so check it out and try meditating for at least 15 minutes a day and you will see the benefits.   Source: MBSR Guided … Continue reading MBSR Guided Audio & Video Exercises – UC San Diego Health

No Podcast due to Non Technical issues

  Hello All, strangely there is no podcast this week due to the fact that Elle was stranded for most of the day when her car battery died. Just a few clicks, a flash of lights and it was gone. By “it” I mean the power. In my quest for a Spring cleaning of the podcast and site, I find myself reluctant to rush through … Continue reading No Podcast due to Non Technical issues

Stress Less: Episode Ten: Beauty and Fear

Black Power PikSelf Care — Stress Less: Beauty and fear

Ok so I do find it funny that the self care part of my site “fell off” as the kids say, just as my life kicked into high gear this year. So that is my bear to wrestle, to keep staying on my regimen (yoga, meditation, clean eating, etc.). My thoughts have been full of this desire to wear my hair natural. I was nervous because I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where my hair looks good. I can be creative with styling and it’s pretty much no work at all. Everything else is work, even the buzzed blond look I’ve always admired on other women, but have been too scared to try. To be frank, I’d rather sleep the extra 30 minutes, than experience hair drama every morning. So I went natural for about 3 weeks before getting it braided again. I studied youtube videos to figure how to style my hair without heat, because the whole point of going natural is to let my hair be healthy and heat can cause damage. I learned how to condition, what to condition with and for how long. Continue reading “Stress Less: Episode Ten: Beauty and Fear”