Alert Aware Mindful Podcast

Instead of this week’s regular podcast I will be focusing on posting tidbits throughout the week to share what awesome inspiring Chicago activities I have seen this month. From the DuSable Museum’s live performance of Harriet Tubman to my participation in February Album Writing Month (FAWM) in speed songwriting and posting.


I will discuss how these all contributed to my everyday self-care and wellness while encouraging me to continue forward with my passion and or causes.


First I will direct you to my FAWM entries.  I usually worry over a song for several months so it was a nice change for me to be forced to let go.  I knew that otherwise, I would never release these songs and instrumental pieces. I will include more about my trip to DuSable this past weekend. The gift shop is amazing *and* not available online so I suggest a visit.

Check this link below to see my latest song entries:



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