Hey everyone! I will return soon

Hello All, I have been very busy. Life intruded and then I needed to recover from that. I am currently working on my new music (both band stuff and solo projects) and building my new business.  I am stressed but excited. But stay tuned for more Elle in your inbox. I am going to post links to my band She’s So Quiet, we had a … Continue reading Hey everyone! I will return soon

Elle Cast: Episode 2

Originally posted on Alert. Aware. Mindful.:
Here is the second episode and we are talking about Race, sexuality, and poverty. I am including some of the techniques or activities I use to de-stress, in dealing with my regular life stress and the additional frustration I feel encountering or witnessing  discrimination. You can download it here  or stream it if there are issues, iPhone users can download here … Continue reading Elle Cast: Episode 2

Why Baths are a Lifesaver in De-stressing

I love taking baths. They are extremely effective for sore joints and tired muscles. With the aid of Epsom salts, essential oils, and products to soften the skin, it literally removes the achiness from my body.  The salt baths are very cleansing to the body and many times the mind.   For those who are afraid of soaking in their own filth as a friend … Continue reading Why Baths are a Lifesaver in De-stressing

Elle Cast 2.7: Jovan Landry Part II

  Welcome back to Alert Aware, Mindful, This week’s episodes features the other half of the interview with the gloriously talented Jovan Landry. I will be posting more of her music on facebook and my blog site ellemadelyn.com Ms. Landry discusses her plans for Synergy dropping on March 15, 2019. She discussed the co-opting of black bodies and mass incarceration. Also discussed is how she … Continue reading Elle Cast 2.7: Jovan Landry Part II